Trauma & Truth

Right now, so many Veterans are going through so many different emotions.

During this short interview with Channel7 (17th August 2021) I look to speak on some of the causes of the trauma occurring now, and that has the potential to continue if unchecked.

Please watch and listen – please send to others if they are trying to better understand what any Veterans you know may be going through.

Please have those conversations now. Please connect with each other and talk about this here and now. Don’t let it fester and turn into resentment and further issues down the track.

Unlike our government, we must learn from the past, take action now, and support this generation at the time of the trauma.

Anyone who needs further support outside of the helplines. Please connect with us at where we have volunteers ready to simply have a chat about your frustrations or any emotions you want to get off your chest.

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2CC Canberra radio interview with Heston Russell

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Former special forces commander calls on leaders to foster loyalty to ADF


Retired Special Forces Major Heston Russell Discusses Recent Army Scrutiny | FULL UNCUT CHAT

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