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Campaigning for Change

There is so much that needs to be done.
Here you can find and join in my campaigns - together we can work as a team to achieve real change and fight for common sense.

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"Change lives, find purpose, build a stronger, unified Australia."  

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fighting for change

We are facing a leadership crisis in our country. This is impacting the mental and emotional health of our people and communities. Heston is on a mission to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and vulnerability, while fighting for the true and authentic values of leadership.

We have been experiencing the impacts of mental health decline at extreme levels in our veteran community for far too long. By helping Veterans, we can work to support each other while providing all Australians with a better understanding of Veterans and the value they represent.

Heston's focus is on facing down this crisis and to stop more Australians suffering from excessive isolation and uncertainty.

We must all lead by example in order to do what needs to be done to build a better culture for all Australians. 

Heston has been fortunate enough to live a life that has already taken him to the extremes of experiences and emotions on regular occasions. None of this has defined him. Instead, it has led him to find what is truly important in life. This journey has taught him that anything is achievable by uniting people with authentic purpose and taking action. 

Every person has the ability to take action to do whatever needs to be done. When united with others and guided by authentic purpose, we have the ability to make impactful and lasting change. We must be empowered by responsibility, not entitlement, and make sure that no one ever feels alone or without hope.  

“If we want higher performance, we need a higher purpose - the reason WHY we are doing something.” 


– Heston Russell

Speaking & Events

Learning from lived experience

Drive cultural change by inspiring your team, helping them derive purpose, and building their personal resilience. Heston is improving Australians’ performance through keynotes and workshops, speaking on topics such as Authentic Leadership, which have been delivered to audiences including the Royal Military College and select Corporate groups. Each keynote speech is drawn from real, lived experiences with a particular focus on topics including Leadership, Culture, Elite Performance & Emotional Intelligence. 

Former special forces veteran and founder of veterans support organisation Voice of a Veteran Heston Russell in Parliament House, Canberra.Picture: 
NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage

taking action

voice of a veteran

Heston founded Voice of A Veteran (VOAV) after his own experiences leaving the military and struggling through life after service. We need to join together, speak out, and take action. To do what is needed to better support our Veterans now because better Veterans make a better Australia.

After successfully campaigning for the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, Heston evolved VOAV into Veteran Support Force (VSF) - to do what needs to be done to support Veterans and their families.

VSF is a Registered Charity with DGR status and can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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Planning in isolation is planning to fail. Teamwork, together, is where true results and potential are made. Let's join together for whatever the future may bring, and to be our best when it is needed.

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