Putting Leadership back into Politics

Episode 22 Putting Leadership back into Politics – Global Freedom Rally with Heston Russell

This episode is a live interview that Heston did on the Global Freedom Rally in February 2022. Discussing the motivations of AVP and putting the relevance of Heston’s Special Forces career into politics, more- so putting leadership into politics.

They Discuss:

  • The personal lived experience that has led Heston to this point.
  • The Leadership Crisis that cannot keep going
  • The V in AVP
  • Why our politicians should be our elite leaders, but why they are not.
  • The results of the lockdowns, pandemic and leadership failings
  • Revising the delineation of power between our state & federal governments
  • Raising our standards

Show Notes

3.57 – Who are you and where did you come from (Heston) 

5.46 – Mental Health Breakdown – PTSD, Depression and Suicide Ideation 

10.00 – More about Australian Values Party

11.30 – Our Politicians are meant to be our elite leaders – so why don’t they have their own training to ensure they can be that? 

“The current leadership crisis – is that we have people who are not professionally developed to be politicians”

13.30 – What is the V in AVP.

14.33 – The role of a leader is to unite people with purpose and make sure those in-between feel valued and a part of that mission.

16.00 – Response from the people in freedom rally’s 

18.00 – Raising standards, within ourselves and our politicians 

19.00 – proactive measures to health and fitness for pandemics or otherwise 

“The fitter you are physically, the better you can be mentally and emotionally” 

20.26 – “We need to be selecting and supporting the very best people to be our leaders or we are going to be in this same  position regardless of what the issue is time and time again” 

22.07 – Lockdown and loneliness 

25.00 – The knock on affect on our communities and businesses from the way the government handled the pandemic and lockdowns

27.00 – Revising the delineation of power within our state & federal governments 

29.30 – Politicians with no lived experience equals no operational and tactical planning and implementation

32.37 – using “freedoms” as privileges or things that they can take away means we have gone off track

“Unless I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I don’t know the full picture” 

“Inspiration is the most powerful form of motivation and we need to get back to that” 

33.40 – “We have a pretty good constitutional law here in Australia, and that law hasn’t been abided by” 

“Every single time the system has failed, you see the military called out”

We would love to hear your thoughts on this pragmatic and authentic conversation.

In the words of Andy Anderson –

“The AVP is here”

Join the AVP – australianvalues.org.au – it’s time to make it happen 🛡🇦🇺🛡

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Heston speaking with Ben Fordham on Remembrance Day

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